Freelance Blog Writer

I’m a freelance blog writer. In fact, I’ve now written over 2,000 blogs as of February 2017 –– and add up to 10 a month for myself and my clients. My experience extends over the past 10 years across most industries.

Financial Services Blogging
I’ve created freelance blog copywriting articles for several large companies…

Technology Blogging
Here’s a great example of my freelance blog writing experience… I created about 50 blogs for – a leading mobile application developing firm based in San Francisco.

I’ve written these blogs for a Bay Area web design firm:
What a Website Costs
Best Web Development Tools
B2B Marketing Strategies
User Friendly Content Management Systems

Healthcare Blogging
I’ve written blogs for a great many clients. Here’s one of my favorites –– and it includes over 200 blogs through the past five years.
Here’s another: Digital Healthcare

BNI Blog Writer
Here’s a blog for my weekly networking group: How To Lead Your Chapter in Referrals
Dozens more can be read here.

Travel/Hospitality Blogging
I contributed approximately 1,500 articles as Editor in Chief for – for travel, shopping, wine, and food.